Why the low price?

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What are we different from others? Why so cheap?

Kāzu kleitas Emi Nova

Due to the small population in Latvia there is a small market for the sale of goods and the prices of wedding dresses and evening dresses are quite high.

We want to change this situation! Our prices are far lower than the beautiful and high-quality dresses.

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1. We do not pay big money for renting space in the city center.

     We have our own premises. We do not need to pay the rent and ask you to pay for it.

2. We do not employ additional staff.

     We buy and sell only the best and the cutest!

3. Our goal is not to make big profits.

      Dresses - is fashion and fashion - is our passion!




In our Show room you will be greeted with a welcoming atmosphere, delicious coffee and sweets.

We embroider dresses, making each dress original and unique!

Our credo is price democracy and a cozy, friendly atmosphere!

See you! Your Emi Nova ...

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